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Who I am
Let me introduce myself. I am Dean Williams. I have operated under the name of Nit Pickers II since 1995. I first started cabinet fabrication and installation in the mid 1980’s, under the leadership of Claus Williams. His masterful eye and attention to detail, disciplined me to become a perfectionist. In the early 1990’sI worked under a home builder, Doug Cappleman, who is a master craftsman and a furniture designer. Again, it was distilled in me to provide the very best and offer nothing less. I took the term apprentice very serious and absorbed the knowledge that Claus, a master cabinet maker, and Doug a master craftsman were willing to share and invest in me. In 1995, I begin installing cabinets for a local home center. There is where I met Mike Berry. He was the lead designer, and as it turned out a good source of knowledge. With his fabrication background and working knowledge of all aspects cabinetry, he too, invested in me and pushed me to greater heights. With the start up of Nit Pickers II, the building industry was about to blow wide open. During the first few years of the business, we showed steady progress and built a name that was synonymous with quality.

As the years went by and now in the early 21 century. We were installing 80 plus kitchens a year, working for 3 different designers, as well as custom fabricating and installing specialty cabinets. One of the designers, Pat Betz, pushed me to provide even a higher level of service and to set the standard for cabinet installation and service on a local level. It was in 2007 when an opportunity become available, I went to Morganton, NC to a custom finishing school. There I learned how to apply dye stains, lacquer base and top coats, distressing and rub throughs, just to name a few techniques demonstrated to me. I returned home with the knowledge gained and started a full service design, build, stain/paint and install mind set. Again, in 2008 I was invited to attend another finishing school. This one provided by M.L. Campbell. The instructors challenged my ability, and thus, has given me additional knowledge to propel me and my company to new heights. It has been a pleasure working on the many projects that has steered my way.

I have grown with the demand, and I am proud to announce the opening of my cabinet showroom. Cabinets by Dean Williams. My showroom is located at #26 Professional Village circle, in the Professional Village on Lady’s Island South Carolina. Office 843-982-5555, Fax 843-982-5556. E-mail
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